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SKE was a success and SKE II – VET Skills and Knowledge Exchange 2 has already started!

Have you ever heard about the project Erasmus+ KA1 VET Skills and Knowledge Exchange (SKE)? It allowed about 100 students from Slovenian technical schools to do a three-week internship abroad and it ended in May 2019. Well, it was so successful that a second project in the same area was approved and it has already started.

VET Skills and Knowledge Exchange 2 (SKE II) offers the opportunity to live a three weeks professional experience abroad to 96 students from five technical schools of Maribor (Tehniški šolski center Maribor, Biotehniška šola Maribor, Srednja gradbena šola in gimnazija Maribor, Lesarska sola Maribor, Srednja trgovska šola Maribor), specialised in Construction and Design, Agriculture, Forestry, Nature Protection, Veterinary and Wood, Mechanics, Mechatronic and Car Mechanics.

Tehniški šolski center Maribor leads the consortium that covers 6 EU countries (Italy, Poland, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, United Kingdom). ZNI – Institute For New Age Education and UNISER deals with the management of the national consortium and of the European partners.

8 partner organisations are involved:
UNISER in Forlì
MODE and SEMPER AVANTI in Wroclaw (PL)
INCOMA in Sevilla
WISAMAR in Leipzig and Europlus Berlin in Berlin (DE)
Foyle in Derry (UK)
Edu Gate in Paphos (CY)

The first round of departures took place in October 2019, the others will occur in June and October 2020, after the application of candidates on The participants will go back home with new skills, useful for their professional future and a truly European mind, thanks to their knowledge of different cultures!


Ske II


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