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iMove: join the network!

“I have great news to give today: Erasmus will be in all vocational schools and training centres in Europe. How does it sound? Brave? Absurd? To me it sounds like the future and I’ll share with you why and how I believe that’s going to happen sooner than we imagine.” – Andrea Lombardi

What is iMove? It is a project started in 2014 that officially gave birth to a network on the 17th and the 18th of November 2016. The iMove network is formed by public and private organisations interested in making the Erasmus culture not only an experience accessible to everyone, but also an integral part of everybody’s learning path. Today, iMove links together organisations from different European countries which work energetically in the field of vocational training mobility.

Just few days left until you can become a member of iMove Network. The project was designed to make a model out of the positive mobility experiences organised through a systemic approach: a public or private centralised service working on a territory, aiming to support mobility, and equipped to meet the needs of many training centres. In 2014, these services, based on the partnership of different actors involved in planning and realising mobility experiences, were defined as mobility consortia by the Erasmus+ programme.

iMove has always pursued an ambitious aim: linking together many mobility consortia in order to create a ‘consortium of consortia’. Different organisations working together can achieve the clear goal defined by the European Strategy ET2020: within 2020, the rate of students from vocational training courses who have undertaken a mobility experience during their study must reach 6%.
In 2010, the European average rate was 0,7% only, but we hope that our dream of making Erasmus mobility accessible to everyone will soon turn into reality.

iMove is definitely a big step ahead towards that goal. We believe in it, and you? #Makemobilityareality

If you are interested in receiving informations about getting involved into the iMove Association please feel free to write us or visit our website.


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