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Meet the team! –Travelling the world with Agnese

In the last months several new staff members have joined our Uniser family and we couldn’t be more excited! Last time we got to know Hanane better, today is Agnese’s turn.

Hello Agnese and thanks for taking part in this interview! Let’s start easy: how old are you and where do you live? Which city are you from?

Hi everybody! I am 35 (whatttt?! when did that happen??) I am more or less from Bologna, I grew up in a town around 20 km away, and now I live a bit in Bologna, a bit in Romagna and a bit everywhere. Always wondering where next!

What did you study and why did you choose such a path?

I studied languages and foreign literatures In Italy and Spain. I chose it because foreign languages were the subjects that I liked the most when I was in high school (if not the only ones), and I knew I wanted to be able to communicate with people all around the world, travel and understand cultures and habits different from mine. That was always so fascinating to me and was always the main drive. It turned out to be the right choice for me for the jobs and experiences I had afterwards.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

I love playing sports, especially beach volleyball and hiking, and then I love reading and traveling, and I do that as much as I can…

Could you tell us how you came in contact with Uniser and when? 

It was really a coincidence (or destiny maybe)! Before, I was working in a very different field, in a very different environment. Then I decided I wanted to work in the field of educational travels. I started cooperating with a company very similar to Uniser and they asked me to start working full time for them, but in the end it didn’t work out. In the same days my sister, who previously met Lucia and Andrea, forwarded me a link saying that Uniser was hiring… and here I am 10 months later!

Since you entered as a staff member, what have you been doing, what are your main duties? 

I do a loooot of different things: I have been Sending Account for High schools, organising the mobilities of Italian students abroad. I organised Job shadowings for the staff mobilities and now I am changing again, becoming a Hosting Partner team member. 

Which one do you enjoy more and why?

Even though I just started I think I might like the HP tasks because they allow me to be more in touch with the rest of Europe and most probably also traveling more (Have I already mentioned I love traveling? 🙂 )

What motivates you the most about your job?

When I get very stressed and tired I try to remember why we do what we do and it gets a bit easier. It is a very specific job and I think we all do it because we believe that an experience abroad can really change the course of a teenager’s life.

What are the main challenges and how do you usually overcome them?

The main ones are the picks of workload and sometimes feeling frustrated for waiting for answers and not being able to proceed with work, but then I remember that there are things out of my control, I take big breaths and keep carrying on.

How is it going with your colleagues? I know that you recently were on a team building trip to Spain…how did it go?

I am very happy about it. I get along well with everybody and I always feel they are always ready to help but also ready for a good laugh. I loved the trip to Barcelona and I love my new team of all women! We worked hard, we laughed and we cried together… I couldn’t ask for more!

Talking about trips, is there a destination that you would like to visit soon? Why?

I would always look for warm and seaside places but this year I decided I will go to hunt the northern lights in the very top of the world! I am super scared of the cold but super excited! Hopefully I will manage to see it! Fingers crossed!





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