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INTERVET WB job shadowing at SEPR: learning and exchanging experiences

From 15 to 19 November 2021, within the Intervet Western Balkans project, a Job Shadowing was organized by colleagues from SEPR Vocational and Training Center in the beautiful French city of Lyon.

During the whole week, they visited SEPR premises, were introduced to all the main departments of our VET centre, and visited some partner companies like OMNIUM – Immobilier d’entreprise et commercial. Of course, some cultural moments were also planned so they could enjoy the beautiful city of Lyon.

As SEPR told: “This job-shadowing week was really important to us, since it was the first time we welcomed our peers from the Balkans. It was a part of the project finally coming true, after almost two years of work.

Thank you to all our Balkan peers for trusting us and sending your staff! and thank you Uniser Soc.Coop for coordinating this wonderful project and supporting us in organizing this week, that was so enriching for everyone.

We cannot wait to meet you again and keep on cooperating!”

Also teachers from VET schools from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Samer Fazlic, and Enver Fejzic were participants in this almost a week-long event and shared with us their impressions after this beneficial training.

As prof. Samer Fazlic told us:

“Attending Job Shadowing at SEPR was very useful for me because I expanded my knowledge and gained new experiences and learned about the way of working in the secondary vocational education system in France, which is based on dual education, teaching in school and practice in companies. Kind and professional hosts selflessly shared their knowledge and experiences but also allowed us, seminar participants, to share our experiences with colleagues from other countries. We had the opportunity to visit all organizational units of the SEPR, classrooms, and one company that cooperates with this institution. We also had the opportunity to attend classes of our French colleagues, we learned about the organization of this institution, which exists for 140 years and has a great international reputation.  The kind hosts made an effort to bring us closer to the culture and everyday life in Lyon, a multicultural city, through tours and visits to the city’s landmarks and museums. During the Job Shadowing, we had the opportunity to meet fellow participants from Albania, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo. We made new friends and contacts that can allow us to further connect our schools and participate in future projects. We had great help and support from Professor Beata Petit from the SEPR, Julia Project Coordinator, Agnieszka Maciejewska from the partner organization UNISER.  We would also like to emphasize the selfless engagement of colleagues Mirsada Mehremic and Sibela Beširevic from sending organization, IUS Sarajevo, who gave us great support. I will personally share our unique experiences and knowledge with colleagues from my school, and we will talk about the importance of the Intervet WB project in the TV show of Tuzla Canton called ‘Morning Program’ and on the official website of the school.”


Intervet WB


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