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Enhancing international mobility for special needs students – MOB4ALL kicks off!

On 27th January 2021 we took part in the kick off meeting of a new Erasmus+ KA2 project: MOB4ALL – Innovative measures to enhance International mobility for special needs students.

MOB4ALL seeks to promote the international mobility of students with special needs through the capacity building of the different actors who can support students with special needs in the context of international mobility for Educational purposes (Specialised units from University IROs, Mobility Providers, Other stakeholders active in mobility).

The project will foster the inclusion of special-needs students in international mobility programmes, transforming the participant Universities’ environments through the development and sharing of individual-centred practices and protocols, thus reducing the inequality of access to resources and opportunities in Higher Education.

For 30 months, the partnership will work together to achieve the following intellectual outputs:

  • O1 – Preparation the report: “Inclusive Mobility: Supporting Students with Special Needs at EU level”, seeking to raise awareness on the needs of students with disabilities and to identify transferable successful practices and procedures leading to an increase in the quality and number of students with special needs participating in transnational mobility activities for educational purposes;
  • O2 – Development and implementation of the specialised training course: “Training for Better Integration of Mobility Participants with Disabilities”, targeting different actors who can support students with disabilities in the context of international mobility for educational purposes;
  • O3 – Creation of guidelines for mobility officers, academic and non-academic staff, and tutor ttudents, describing a methodology supporting these type of staff.

Coordinated by the University of Seville, the MOB4ALL Consortium is composed of 7 institutions and organisations based in: Spain (INCOMA), Italy (Università di Genova and UNISER), France (Université Côte d’Azur), Austria (Management Center Innsbruck) and Finland (Haaga-helia university of applied sciences), active in education and training, support and management of transnational mobility projects for educational purposes.




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