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Denis from Belgium and his experience in Forlì



Denis, along with his friend Jérémy, arrived in September 7th in Forlì after a long journey by car from Ghent, Belgium. These two gentlemen have left great memories in their friends in Forlì and at Uniser as well. Here is Denis experience.
Jérémy DenisI study applied economics (master in the corporate finance) at the University of Ghent, Belgium. I am convinced that all this theoretical background must be transferred to a more practical level. The perfect manner to fit the acquired knowledge with the corporate mindset is by doing an internship. It is a great opportunity to do this abroad. I didn’t have the possibility to do an Erasmus exchange project for the University. I’m so grateful that I received the chance to do this thanks to Uniser & MMgg. An experience abroad develops your perception & your way of thinking. In particular: – You learn to become independent – You are placed in a new environment – You develop your social skills and spontaneity – You meet new people with different cultures and mindsets – You learn, improve and practice other languages Uniser put us in contact with the logistic company Maggazini Generali, they offered us a good understanding of logistics in general, and how it is organized on National & European level. We received a lot of information about which documents are needed and which function they have and how the taxation system works. Also the agreements between importer & exporter (incoterms) were well-explained. We acquired a good overview on which types of services in the logistic sector create value. The final target is to understand how Mmgg can create value for their customers, and more specific the wine logistics for the export to Belgium. Forli, the city where we stayed is small but so lovely: Nice pubs, bars & restaurants! Apperitandem the weekly activity organized by Uniser is the perfect occasion to meet new people and to learn new aperitandem


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