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Pavel’s experience: from Czech Republic to Forlì

AperiPavel‎ My name is Pavel, I am from Czech Republic, from Prague.I am 22 years old and I study Tourism and Marketing. Now I am interning in “ROMAGNA FULL TIME”, a travel agency in Forlì, Italy. “ROMAGNA FULL TIME” is not the classic travel agency, in fact, its mission is to promote the territories and touristic offers of Forlì, Ravenna and Romagna in general through the sale of touristic packages. This reality has been built up thanks to the support of the association ‘Forlì – Art, Tourism and Conventions’ which promotes the territory of Forlì. This experience is really important and interesting to me because it will help my future career in tourism. I choose this country because I like Italian food, Italy’s beautiful countryside and its nice cities. I believe that this experience will enhance my understanding of the world outside the Czech Republic, my European Identity and the love for this amazing country.  At work I have to practice my language skills using the little Italian I learned and English and thus, my communication skills are getting better! Not only! During this internship I improved my organizational and computer skills as well when using my company’s own software to organize trips in Romagna for our clients. My life in Forlì is calm and relaxed but in my free time I enjoy Forlì’s swimming pool and parks and on my first week in Italy, with my biggest surprise, UNISER organised a party for me in a very nice place located in the city center with delicious food and wine! To conclude, I recommend this experience in Italy to everyone because it opens your mind and improves your working-skills and it also looks very good on your cv! Special thanks are due to Uniser that found the work placement that best suited my profile.


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