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Uno SVE in Italia e tanti ricordi da portare a casa!

Ciao a tutti!


My name is Isabel and I’m 20 years old. I’m German and my home town is a city called Worms with about 80.000 inhabitants close to Frankfurt. I chose to write this article in English because before deciding to come here in Italy and start working in this project I looked for any people that have made experiences in the rest home I am working now. I found an article that was very positive and finally that helped me a lot whether to choose this project or not. So I hope I can make someone’s decision a little bit easier! I started my EVS back in the beginning of November 2014. I now have left only one month which is unbelievable to me. Time flew by like I couldn’t have imagined. I now have been working in the rest home Pietro Zangheri for nine months. The end coming closer and closer I can’t imagine not seeing all the elderly and my flat mates every single day! I am so used to living in a multicultural flat, speaking Italian every day and talking to all the kind elderly. I have learned so much in my EVS experience and am really grateful for everything and everyone I was able to get to know.

ISABEL Arriving in Italy I couldn’t say anything besides “Ciao!” in Italian but nevertheless everyone at the rest home was incredible kind to me and even all the elderly started speaking to me because they were really excited to get to know me! My Italian improved a lot thanks to Uniser and the language course. Also I discovered that it is way easier to work with elderly than expected and from the first moment I felt like I could help them to make their day just a little better. Seeing an elderly person laugh and smile because of something I said was the best reward I could have gotten for my work. Besides that I loved living in a flat with all the other volunteers from the rest home! Coming home from work I always was able to talk about what I experienced and they could understand me very well because of the same work place. My flat mate once said: “We all come from different countries and are here on our own. We become each other’s families.” And she was exactly right! I also met many other volunteers on the trainings every EVS participant has to do. And in the end we are all a big EVS family!



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