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Four Polish discovering Italy

We are four Polish girls and we came to Forli as the participants of Leonardo da Vinci internship program. Our sending organization is ZHP Wrocław.
Aneta is a customer relationship manager and an artist in Avatar Theatre in Legnica. Ewa is a tourist guide with the passion for travels around the world. In Forli they both work in Laboratorio Mondo, where they prepare the voluntary camp in Cambodia and help with the daily work of the organization.
Martyna is an art therapist and a student of Career counseling. She is doing her internship in the InArte association. She assists the teachers during the various music education activities.
Magdalena is a social worker, volunteer and animator. During her internship in Solidarietà Sociale Paolo Babini she helps in daily activities of the Officina 52, Centro Pomeridiano San Paolo and Piada52.

Aneta_EwaAneta and Ewa

Martyna’s decision to apply for this internship was absolutely spontaneous. ‘I found the announcement, sent my documents, got the answer… and here I am!’ Magdalena is fascinated with the Italian culture. ‘I like the Italians for amicability’ – she says. Aneta wanted to participate in this project, because she has never been to Italy. She is interested in this country, culture, people, their habits and the way of working. Ewa chose Italy, because she loves Mediterranean countries. She wished to gain new experience and to learn more about Italian history and cuisine.


For all of us the most unusual is pausa pranzo. It is hard to understand not only why it does exist, but also why during this lunch break the bars and restaurants are closed.
‘What every day surprises us are the Italian drivers stopping the cars to let the people cross the street’ – says Ewa. Aneta adds: ‘I adore the stress-free approach to the life. Italians have time for everything!’ Martyna is a bit disappointed with the rainy and chilly weather – ‘we were expecting more sunny days than we have in Poland’. Magda is surprised with the level of citizen involvement in the social actions.

Everyone found in Italy something interesting. Martyna’s ‘Italian love’ is coffee. She has never drunk so good coffee, so often. ‘It is really amazing that at the railway station I can drink an awesome and cheap coffee!’ Her second love are red oranges. Magda is fascinated with the wonderful architecture of Forli. Aneta loves the charming cafes, narrow streets, beautiful buildings and the Italian language. Ewa likes to discover the cities, towns and villages full of monuments reminding long and great Italian history. She adores also the slow and calm lifestyle. ‘Some of us also fell in love with Venice and Toscana, which we visited during our short stay in Italy.’


For all of us this project in Italy was the first occasion to try espresso. None of us drink it in Poland, but we think we will continue this habit when we will come back home. During our internships we participate in the activities which we never do in Poland. We also did our first bomboloni (doughnuts)!

We had only one month to enjoy the country and the hospitality of Italians. It’s not much time. But it’s enough to encourage us to come back to Italy in the future.

Ewa, Aneta, Martyna, Magdalena


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