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Project Title: “CARE”

Project dates
1st period: May 3rd, 2013 till November 3rd, 2013 (6 months duration)
2nd period: November 3rd, 2013 till May 3rd, 2014 (6 months duration)

The “Agios Vlasios” Chronically Diseases Infirmary of the Holy Metropolis of Thiva & Levadia is an elderly care center that aims to offer treatment, affection and care to people of both sexes with priority those suffering with chronically diseases.

Working environment
The working facilities are modern inside the hospitable 2-floor building with comfortable sitting and refreshing room. There is a seminar room with 200 persons capacity that is also used as an indoor gym during the winter. There is a restaurant and conservatory along the 2 floors and 34 rooms divided between the 2 floors with view to the gardens. The Infirmary operates in 3 shifts a day.

Volunteers’ tasks
The proposed voluntary services in the Chronically Diseases Infirmary for elderly persons include:
a) Voluntary service with creative activities for the elderly such as handicrafts, physical education, music, dance, constructions, gardening, painting, pottery, table games, personal care, communication, free time entertainment and walking, through individual and group activities.
b) Voluntary service on planning, organizing and implementing activities with similar institutions from abroad in the frame of various European and World programmes. Creation and moderation of a webpage, design of a leaflet and organize an information/dissemination event for publicity and organize public events.
Finally, volunteers will learn how to apply practical techniques for all mentioned works and will acquire knowledge and skills in social services.
So we are looking for volunteers that are:
o 18-30 years old;
o capable to create activities with simple materials by using their hands;
o skilled to provide physical education activities;
o open minded, in basics self-independent, responsible and with a strong motivation for international youth work and intercultural communication with elderly persons;
o capable to help in preparing international youth exchanges and activities;
o motivated to learn basic Greek phrases in a short time;
o playing an musical instrument which will be mostly appreciated;
o able to communicate in english.

Hosting Organization:
“Agios Vlasios” Chronically Diseases Infirmary Tzimeika

*                    *                   *

Let’s play together in the kindergarten of Velo-Vocha
activity start: 05th March, 2013
Let’s play together in the kindergarten of Xylokastro-Evrostini
activity start: 05th March, 2013
duration of the projects: 6 months

EVS volunteers support and help in the every day work of the kindergarten. This includes helping in the fine-art workshop, painting lessons, theatrical workshop, playing games with the children in the free time activity (the volunteer has the opportunity of making his/ her own workshop), helping the teachers to prepare the materials and the room for the activities, gathering them after the activity, take care of the kids from accidents, avoiding conflicts between the kids, comply the kids with the rules of the kindergarten, pay attention on immature aggressive kids , helping in the kitchen of the kindergarten.

Centre of creative work with children (Municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini)
activity start: 05th May, 2013

EVS volunteers will provide additional support and help in the everyday work of the Center of Creative Work with Children. This includes helping in the theatrical workshop/theatrical games, theatre with puppets) music-kinetic workshop (they will support music-kinetic games, sound stories, singing, playing on musical instruments) and fine-art workshop (the volunteers will work on the field of handcraft, to use different kind of materials such as clay, lime etc., they will help the children to make constructions, collages, paintings etc.).The volunteers will play with the kids in the free time activity, helping the teachers to prepare the materials and the room for the activities, gathering them after the activity, avoiding conflicts between the kids, paying attention on immature aggressive kids, playing and take care of the kids during the outside activities
Youth together for the forest of Xylokastro
starting date: 5th January 2013, duration: 4 or 8 weeks
We would like to host EVS volunteers to support and help in the everyday work of the environmental program of the municipality of Xylokastro – Evrostinis. This includes helping to protect the forest of Xylokastro, protect the coast, planting new trees, they will help making new and repairing the old footpath, benches, tables, wooden and metal fences in the forest, making researches about new and different methods about how to protect the nature.

*                    *                   *

Organisation: United Societies of Balkans
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Deadline: 20/09/2012
Start: 01/01/2013
End: 30/09/2013

USB will apply for 4 EVS volunteers from Europe and Caucasus countries for the project Balkan Hot Spot- Balkans meets Caucasus. The project will start at 1st of January until the end of September 2013. You can find more details to:


Fai clic per accedere a USB%20PROFILE.pdf

*                    *                   *

2 EVS volunteers for project 2010-GR-15. Please follow the link for the description of the project:,

EDRA is a Greek NGO based in Athens since 2001. Our activities are related to mental health and intellectual/mental disabilities.We are going to apply at the 1st October 2012 deadline. The project can start in January 2013 or in May 2013, and can last for, at least 6-8 months, upon volunteer¢s availability.

photo-cv and motivation letter to the following email:

*                    *                   *

Organisation: Youth Information Center of Evosmos
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Deadline: 24/09/2012
Start: 01/02/2013
End: 30/06/2013

the Youth Information Center of Kordelio-Evosmos (2011-GR-6)will be applying on October 1st and will host two volunteers. Dates: 01/02/2013- 30/06/2013 (6 months)


Organisation: Day centre Saurieši
Location: Saurieši, Latvia
Deadline: 24/09/2012
Start: 01/02/2013
End: 01/10/2013

Stopiņu municipality is located near to Riga (capital city of Latvia), the territory is 53,5km2 and it consists of nine small villages where live 10185 inhabitants. Our society is very different with minorities, young people with limited opportunities, and people with different social obstacles

Everyday life volunteer will spend in day center – participating in different day center activities – theater play, artistic workshops, sport day, outdoor activities, organizing different sport competitions, playing table games, helping children and youngsters with home works, etc. Volunteer can offer language courses and our organization is interested to accept volunteer initiative. Volunteer will need to be ready to tell about his/her country – intercultural evenings, country presentations at schools and another day centers.


Host: Haltegriff:
Location: Kapfenberg, Austria
Deadline: 23/09/2012
Start: 01/02/2013
End: 31/12/2013

Haltegriff, an Institution specialized in Youth Welfare, offers living and work training for young people with NEET-status (Not in Education, Employment or Training) aged 16 to 21, who for various reasons can`t live at home.
“Haltegriff” aims at encouraging the young people regarding a long-term professional and personal independence.
The volunteer will support the trainer team in differents tasks, as for example: – preparation of training sessions and participation in training session: Participation in facilities within the training courses for the young (e.g. working with wood or metal) together with the trainers/ coaches – planning of leisure activities and implementation …


Location: Aldeia das Amoreiras, Portugal
Deadline: 20/09/2012
Start: 01/03/2013
End: 28/02/2014

GAIA is one of Portugal’s leading environmental associations and is established as an independent environmental NGO.


Location: Vic – Barcelona, Spain
Deadline: 25/09/2012
Start: 04/01/2013
End: 06/08/2013

The foundation wants to provide an opportunity for young Europeans to participate in the project of the foundation related to occupational therapy and waste management. Here the volunteers will have the opportunity
to work with people suffering mental disorders, and to participate into the process of social integration. With the supervision of therapists and professionals, the volunteer will learn the techniques and philosophy to make occupational therapy and social integration being a reality.–psichologist–project-manager–atelier-artist-manager

*                    *                   *

Coordinating organisation: obretebre
Host: obre’t’ebre:
Location: Tortosa, Spain
Deadline: 23/09/2012
Start: 01/01/2013
End: 01/07/2013

Please see 2010-ES-94


Youth Center creACTive Kavadarci Macedonia
Host: Kreaktiv Kavadarci:
Location: Kavadarci, Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Deadline: 25/09/2012
Start: 01/01/2013
End: 31/12/2013

A Youth Center Kreaktiv in Kavadarci, Macedonia, is looking for new EVS volunteers, for the deadline 1st of October. The activities dates are manageable, together with the selected candidates.

The Youth center creACTive Kavadarci is a place for young people from 13 – 20 years old. We provide non-formal education and organize various events and everyday activities such as: outdoor and indoor activities, theater, art workshops, language classes, creative writing, debates, music, movie nights, intercultural nights, journalism, video, photography, solidarity workshops, etc. Our work is directly connected with young people, and the main theme is art, culture, and sport.
For more details refer to ref. number 2009-SI-45.


EVS in Baptist Church in POLAND – Going together realizing our dreams
Location: Zielona Góra, Poland
Deadline: 30/09/2012
Start: 01/05/2013
End: 31/08/2013

Going together realizing our dreams is a European Voluntary Service project for groups which will be carried out at the Baptist Church in Zielona Gora. The purpose of the project is a joint action for the other… Two volunteers from Europe will be doing both a charitable work and activities focused on children and adolescents.


Dum deti a mladeze Blansko
Location: Blansko, Czech Republic
Deadline: 31/12/2012
Start: 01/01/2013
End: 31/12/2013

The project will take place in the house and neighborhood of our organization DDM Blansko


Dates: 1st April-1 st September 2013. 5 Months.
Venue: Craiova, Romania.
Number of volunteers: 5 from 3 countries.
Title: Sport 4 a healthy life
– promotion of healthy life through outdoor activities in collaboration with the Faculty of Sport Craiova.
– ecological activities with the students and high-school youngsters in Craiova’s parks
– e-magazine to promote outdoor ways of spending time for young people – journalism activities.
If interested please send an e-mail at

*                    *                   *

Host: The Youth Center Association Tinklub Braila:
Location: Braila, Romania
Deadline: 25/09/2012
Start: 01/02/2013
End: 30/11/2013

Our project aims involvement EVS volunteers in our community to integrate families, youth and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Host: De Heide vzw:
Location: Merelbeke – Gent, Belgium
Deadline: 25/09/2012
Start: 07/01/2013
End: 30/08/2013

Looking for a challenging experience in so many different ways?

‘De Heide’ is an organization for adults with a physical disability, including living and daytime activities
The volunteer is expected to participate in those activities which are in line with his interest, about 3 days per week. In addition, the volunteer is free to use his talents for several other projects: sports and games (classics such as swimming, horse riding, cycling or more adventurous sports such as skiing in a wheelchair, rope courses, kayaking etc.) or artistic and expressive activities (creative arts, theatre, film, music,…).


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