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Project name: Elisabethheim Havetoft
Short description: Institution dedicated to reception/ admission and accompanying, support and furthering the independence of children and youths who need help in their upbringing
Starting date: September 2012
Duration: 12 months

Driving license would be useful, some German language skills, too.
Please find details of the project on the European database:

Send CV, a photo and motivation letter in English (or if possible in German) by mail to


Host: Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken:
Location: Bad Kissingen, Germany
Deadline: 05/09/2012
Start: 01/03/2013
End: 01/03/2014

The EVS is in a primary school in Bad Kissingen.


Ibbenbüren (Germany)
European awareness, Media and communication/Youth information
From January 2013 for 12 months.

Send application (CV and motivation letter) before the 14th September by email to


Host: Kita Thünenstr.:
Location: Leipzig, Germany
Deadline: 07/09/2012
Start: 01/03/2013
End: 28/02/2014

We are looking for a volunteer in a kindergarten.
Project can earliest start on 1st March 2013, at least 6 months, max. 1 year.


Host: Centre for Aliens Applying for a Refugee Status or Asylum:
Location: Białystok, Poland
Deadline: 30/08/2012
Start: 06/09/2012
End: 05/04/2013

We’re looking for 2 volunteers to join the EVS team currently working in the refugee centre in Bialystok, Poland. The project is taking place in the Podlaskie region of Poland, with the coordinating and planning centre in Bialystok, in the Foundation of Education and Creativity.

Send your CV and motivation letters to the following email:


Host: Youth and Environment Europe:
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Deadline: 20/08/2012
Start: 01/04/2013
End: 01/04/2014 

Office of Youth and Environment Europe in Prague is searching for 2 EVS volunteers for a project starting in April 2013 and lasting 12 months. If you would like to join the YEE office team and learn a lot about international environmental network, read further details of our EVS project at YEE wesite: and at EC website:


progetto last minute per ragazzi italiani – con partenza ad ottobre
Vilnius,Versme Catholic School


Organisation: Associacao Spin para o Intercambio Formação e Cooperação entre os Povos
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Deadline: 29/08/2012
Start: 01/03/2013
End: 30/11/2013

Association Spin is looking for 2 volunteers for a long term EVS project in Lisbon, Portugal. In your application please specify which department you are applying to.
For more information on Spin’s activities you can visit our website:


Organisation:Asociación CazallaIntercultural
Location:Lorca, Spain
Deadline: 01/09/2012
Start: 06/01/2013
End: 06/10/2013

We are looking for two volunteers to join our organization.
The activity dates are
1st volunteer: 06/01/2013-06/10/2013
2nd volunteer: 01/02/2013-01/11/2013


Host: Ayuntamiento de Alicante:
Location: Alicante, Spain
Deadline: 20/09/2012
Start: 04/03/2013
End: 03/12/2013

Activities are designed to offer a little help in two of the city museums. One of them is placed inside of Santa Barbara’s Castle and the other one in the Contemporay Art Museum. In both of them, volunteers will give attendance to visitors and will help to compile enquiries, help in guidances and register and achieve information.


Host: Ayuntamiento de Alicante. Juventud:
Location: Alicante, Spain
Deadline: 20/09/2012
Start: 04/03/2013
End: 03/12/2013

The activities are designed to impart some educational chats in High Schools and related to youth programs, youth information, activities and workshops. In the YOuth Information Centre , volunteers will give information about European Youth Programs like Youth in Action (EVS) and Eurodesk Network.The volunteer will always accompany the coordinator of the programs of such different activities The coordination in the centres, attention in the stands and carrying out surveys of valuation for the improvement in future editions.
In the summer months, the volunteer will participate in activities of spare time of the Town Hall.


Host: Roquetes Council:
Location: Roquetes, Spain
Deadline: 06/09/2012
Start: 07/01/2013
End: 07/06/2013

The volunteer’s project will be divided in three sections inside the Civic Centre.


Host: Caritas Interparroquial de Tortosa:
Location:Tortosa, Spain
Deadline: 06/10/2012
Start: 07/06/2013
End: 07/06/2013

From 7th January 2013 to 7th June 2013 we offer a social EVS project.


Host: Punt Jove:
Location: Tortosa, Spain
Deadline: 06/10/2012
Start: 07/01/2013
End: 07/06/2013

The main aim of Punt Jove is informing and helping young people so that they can choose the best options for their present and their future.It wants to create equal opportunities Each year there are more youngsters that use its services what made the program grow.


AFS Interkultur is currently looking for volunteers for the following projects:

2011-DK-32 Middelaldercentret Nykobing F
Cultural centre about the Danish Middle Ages for students and tourists
o Send your application between 1st of July and 27th of August 2012
o Application to National Agency: October deadline
o Activity start: May 2013
o Length: 6 months
Host family placement

2009-DK-11 Nicolai for Boern
Culture house for children
o Send your application between 1st of July and 27th of August 2012
o Application to National Agency: October deadline
o Activity start: May 2013
o Length: 8 months
Host family placement

2010-DK-22 Alkjærskolens SFO SPIREN
o Send your application between 1st of July and 27th of August 2012
o Application to National Agency: October deadline
o Activity start: April 2013
o Length: 9 months
Host family placement

Ranum Efterskole
o Send your application between 1st of July and 27th of August 2012
o Application to National Agency: October deadline
o Activity start: January 2013
o Length: 6 months
Boarding at the school

The last mentioned project is in the process of being approved, but is not yet in the database.

Ranum Efterskole is a continuation school – a particular Danish school form – which means that we have pupils in the 9th and the 10th grade (the two last grades in the Danish School system before young people attend a gymnasium/high school). Our pupils are approximately 14-17 years old and they live at the school for a year, while receiving the same sort of tuition as in the public schools in subjects such as Danish, Maths, English, German/French, Social science, Biology etc. In addition they also have the possibility of participating in e.g. diving classes, sailing classes (our school is located near the big inlet in the North of Denmark), music, horseback riding, dance, martial arts and many more. We have 250 pupils at our school and approximately 50 employees.

The volunteers will be part of the special fellowship that exist on a Danish Efterskole. As the volunteers are older than the students they will also be positioned as leaders, authorities and consultants which is a great opportunity to develop pedagogical abilities and to ability to structure and plan events for others.
As all of our students also visit other countries, the most important taks for the volunteer is to create an intercultural environment at the school. This could be done through informal cultural activities, dancing classes, language classes etc. – good ideas are welcome!
The volunteer is highly incouraged to document life at the school and publish the documentation nationally as internationally.

Send an e-mail with their resume, a letter of motivation and a photo to Please remember to mention the project number


Organisation: Verein 4YOUgend
Location: Alkoven, Austria
Deadline: 31/08/2012
Start: 06/01/2013

Institut Hartheim gemeinnützige Betriebs GesmbH is an important part of the social framework in the province of Upper Austria.
Institut Hartheim and its ancillary housing projects provide a home for 298 people with learning difficulties and/or multiple disabilities ranging in age groups from children to senior citizens.




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