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KA2 Mobiliteach Sectoral recognised as good practice by the NA

We’re proud to announce that our KA2 project Mobiliteach – In-depth sectoral specialisation of VET teachers, ended in May 2022, was selected by the National Agency as good practice.

Based on the experiences developed on two previous KA2 projects, Mobiliteach Sectoral aimed at increasing the quality and efficacy of VET provision, improving didactics and developing WBL (Work-Based Learning) European development strategies.

More specifically the objectives were:

  1. Developing and integrating cross-disciplinary didactics in VET provision and improving VET teachers and managers relevant competences.
  2. Integrating WBL mobility experiences in students curricula and improving VET teachers and managers relevant competences.
  3. Structure collaborative international network among VET providers, mobility experts, education institutions and companies.

The results

Overall the partners designed and implemented 2 formats of LTTAs (Learning Teaching Training Activities), both online and in person, which focused on several dimensions of the two macro themes covered by this initiative, namely cross disciplinary didactics in Tourism and Hospitality with STEAM disciplines and students’ international learning mobility.

Four training events were realised:

  • December 2020, online
  • June 2021, Fatima (Portugal)
  • November 2021, Athens (Greece)
  • March 2022, Bologna (Italy)

They saw the participation of 51 representatives from 9 organisations.The 4 editions were all based on the peer learning approach to create bridges among VET teachers of different disciplines and among different stakeholders operating in the hospitality, tourism and learning mobility sector.

These results were possible thanks to the hard collaboration of all project partners:

More information on the project website and on Erasmus+ projects database.


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