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MOSAIC: call for the selection of external evaluator

MOSAIC is the first project under the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) action focused on the professional and societal challenges faced by the Arts & Crafts sector, more specifically on three of its fields: furniture and wood; precious metals and jewellery; and design, arts, and industry. Those challenges have an impact on all stakeholders working together in the sector and on these fields, which include training centres, companies, universities, and research institutions.

Thus, MOSAIC aims to set up a platform of transnational cooperation that brings together relevant EU and non-EU partners to collaborate to foster Excellence in VET within the Arts & Crafts sector.

MOSAIC consortium will work collaboratively to reach the project’s specific objectives:

  • To increase and improve collaboration between companies and VET centres to reach a state of mutual fertilisation;
  • To improve VET provision by delivering new training modules;
  • To foster internationalisation and transnational strategies, in response to the evolutions of VET and society;
  • To provide a forward-looking VET through the use of digital methodologies and tools;
  • To improve the inclusion strategies of VET providers and facilitate the transition to the world of work in Arts & Crafts for those with fewer opportunities.

To ensure consistency between the project objectives and their realisation through the various activities envisaged in the Work Packages, the consortium will rely on an external evaluator, who will be asked to assess the quality of the deliverables and their compliance to the specifications provided in the project.

The call for the selection of MOSAIC external evaluator is now open and can be consulted here.




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