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Erasmus+ school mobility in action: KA2 Mob@act kicks off in Kaunas

On 17 and 18 January 2023 we took part in the kick-off meeting of newly approved project Mob@act, which is financed under the Key Action 2 – Cooperation partnerships in school education of Erasmus+ programme.

Project partners met for the first time in Kaunas, hosted by Kauno International Gymnasium at Kaunas Education Innovation Centre. The partnership sees the cooperation of the aforementioned Lithuanian institute and us, together with Liceo scientifico Righi in Cesena (Italy), Institut Cavall Bernat in Barcelona (Spain), Liceum Ogólnokształcące Etz Chaim in Wrocław (Poland).

The project’s core

Mob@act aims at exchanging practices on planning and managing meaningful learning mobility projects in response to the opportunities introduced by the new Erasmus+ program. It emphasises the use of digital tools to foster virtual and blended mobility and seeks to empower teachers and trainers in general education to set up mobility programs.

The project will focus on:

  • promoting the debate and exchange from practitioners who have experienced learning mobility in the VET sector to those general schools teachers;
  • enhancing transnational activities with the use of ICTs;
  • creating a new training course for upskilling teachers on learners mobility;
  • fostering the exchange of practices on internationalisation.

Day 1 – Let’s start this journey!


On the first day, works started with some ice-breakers activities meant to let partners know each other and get in the right mood to work together and start the cooperation.

The project coordinator welcomed the participants and presented the working activities foreseen for the meeting.Then all partners introduced themselves and presented their organisations and activities, including Kaunas Education Innovation Centre who hosted the event.

Following this first moment of introduction and presentations, all partners visited the hosting organisation, Kaunas International Gymnasium.

In the afternoon partners started working hands-on on the project, starting from the work packages to be developed:

  • Work Package 1 – Project Management
  • Work Package 2 – Toolkit on Internationalisation

Then, they worked in groups for drafting the survey on Erasmus+ programme and internationalisation strategy with a workshop on pupils mobility.

Day 2 – Working together

The second day started with an overview of the administrative and financial aspects of the project, followed by a Q&A to clear out the main issues. Then, partners resumed work from the day before in the workshop, each one of them focusing on a specific aspect that emerged in the session and that will be developed in the course of the project.

Following this session, partners interview some of the students of Kaunas International Gymnasium and visited the Lietuvos Švietimo ir Istorijos muziejus – the Lithuanian Education History Museum.

The afternoon was dedicated to the other activities of the project and organisation of development of the remaining work packages, specifically:

  • WP3 – Training Methodology Presentation
  • WP4 – Introduction of E-learning for students timeline
  • WP5 – Introduction of Dissemination strategy

The meeting closed with the setting of upcoming meetings and definition of next steps to start working on the project’s implementation.

The role of Uniser in the project

The project Mob@act is key in the process of internationalisation and digitalisation of schools that Uniser is committed to support. More specifically, our experience in the areas of capacity-building of teachers, digitalisation and gamification of learning and Internationalisation of education will be the driver to develop the main objectives of the project:

  • Upskilling schools staff in the internationalisation of education;
  • Supporting the introduction of learning methodologies based on the emerging technologies;
  • Encouraging processes of recognition of study periods abroad made by pupils mobility.

Uniser will also be in charge of the dissemination, with the objective of ensuring effective communication and maximum diffusion of the project’s steps and results among all interested stekeholders at a local, national and international level.




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