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How to enhance the mobility of special-needs students? MOB4ALL project meeting in Nice

On 7th and 8th November 2022 the consortium of KA2 project MOB4ALL-Innovative measures to enhance International mobility for special-needs students met in France, hosted by Université Côte d’Azur in Nice.

MOB4ALL aims to promote the transnational mobility of students with special needs through the capacity building of the different actors who can support these students in the context of international mobility for educational purposes (professors, staff members from International Relations Offices/mobility officers, staff members from other specialised units and tutor students/buddies).

During the Transnational Meeting, the consortium checked the advancement of the intellectual outputs foreseen by the project and discussed about their development:
IO1-Preparation of the Report “Inclusive Mobility: Supporting Students with Special Needs at EU level”, which seeks to raise awareness on the needs of students with disabilities and to identify transferable successful practices and procedures leading to an increase in the quality and number of students with special needs participating in transnational mobility activities for educational purposes;
IO2-Development and implementation of the Specialised Training Course “Training for Better Integration of Mobility Participants with Disabilities” targeting different actors who can support students with disabilities in the context of international mobility for educational purposes;
IO3-Creation of Guidelines for Mobility Officers, Academic and Non-academic Staff, and Tutor Students, describing a methodology supporting these staff members to better manage the needs of incoming and outgoing mobility students with disabilities.

On the first day of the meeting, partners were welcomed by Université Côte d’Azur, which also presented their Mission HANDICAP. Following this, the works focused on the MOB4ALL Moodle course with an overall introduction provided by Djibril Dieng and Jonathan Reyes-Marimon, pedagogical engineers at the UCA. This was followed by the presentation of modules by each university and a general discussion about evaluation, criteria unification and certification.

The second day opened with an overview of the main financial and administrative issues given by Rosario López of the University of Sevilla. Then, the IO3 guidelines were discussed, with Juan Guerrero from INCOMA facilitating the session. Finally, the consortium addressed the next steps for the project development, setting all the necessary steps and deadlines.

Thanks everyone for the active participation and see you in Genova for the next meeting!




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