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Meet the team! – “The limits are only in our heads” or Kamila’s mantra

In the last months several new staff members have joined our Uniser family and we couldn’t be more excited! Last time we got to know Isidora better, today is Kamila’s turn.

Hello Kamila and thanks for taking part in this interview! 

Let’s start easy: what is your role at Uniser and what are your main occupations?

I’m a member of the Sending Polish team, which  means that I help schools organize the mobilities for their students and staff. 

I’m also a part of the Joint Hosting team where I’m responsible for contacting schools, arranging meetings in the starting phase of their hosting experience.

When did you join Uniser and what prompted you to do so?

I joined in November 2021, which means that soon I’ll have my one year anniversary working at Uniser!

It was destiny I guess, because it was a moment in my life when I was looking for a creative job in an international team with open minded people. While on holiday, I met my friend Dorota and told her about it. She said: “Hey, we are just recruiting, maybe you want to try?” So I tried and here I am 😊

What’s been the most challenging part of your role so far? 

It can sometimes be a challenge to contact schools and match their expectations with those of the hosting partner so that everyone is satisfied. Sometimes you have to share information in a very delicate way and stay calm. During a busy day when the clock is ticking, this can be a real challenge.

… and the most rewarding? 

For me it’s being part of Uniser’s mission. I believe in education through experience, that expands the horizons, gives a bigger picture and changes perspectives. When I see the students who are happy after returning from mobility, enthusiastically talking about what they experienced and convincing their colleagues to do the same, I know it makes sense. That we do something that really matters.

Do you have any passions or hobbies? 

I have a passion for permaculture which is all about designing sustainable and organic gardens. In my free time I organize permaculture workshops and events for my friends and whole families who want to grow their own organic food. I believe that every problem can be solved in a garden. As people say,  gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes!

Do you like traveling?

Oh yeah! I really love to travel. For me, the best travels  are the ones with my dogs, full of freedom and holy peace. From five-star hotels I prefer beautiful places in nature under a billion stars. I also love to be on the road, but not necessarily on the highway. The good travels for me are those with coffee in a small cafe by the street, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the town for hours. I love slow traveling, without a long list of sights to tick off, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have a good plan to experience the place I came to.

Do you have any trips planned for the near future?

Actually yes, I want to spend some time during an early winter in Portugal. I’m planning to rent a campervan and travel with my husband along the ocean coast to get the taste of van life. We want to visit some national parks and sleep on the beach.

What would be your dream trip and why? 

Every trip, even the smallest one, is a dream trip for me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a journey to another continent or a day spent with my dogs in the woods close to home. I always try to be  here and now and take the best from every moment. But if I had to choose, I would definitely like to see New Orleans and the Louisiana swamps, cruise the Mississippi and eat gumbo while listening to bluegrass music. Is it still a dream or already a plan? We’ll see 🙂

Is there a famous quote, film, song or anything similar that inspires you? Why?

There is freedom waiting for you, 

On the breezes of the sky, 

And you ask “What if I fall?” 

Oh, but my darling, What if you fly?”

This is a poem written by Erin Hanson that really inspires me and reminds me that we should be brave because all the limits are only in our heads.




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