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INTERVET WB 2nd webinar on Erasmus+ accreditations

On the 9th of September, the UNISER office for the development of the Western Balkans organized one more Webinar – Support in preparing and developing ERASMUS + accreditation applications for all interested organizations and institutions in Serbia and North Macedonia.

This development opportunity aimed to initiate the exchange of knowledge and experiences on the subject of the Erasmus+ program and initiatives for the internationalization of school curricula.

This time as well, the presentations were led by a team of experts from the UNISER project office, Luca Lombardi, Nikola Vrgović, and Ana Bartoli.

Eighteen participants registered for the Webinar, fourteen from VET schools in Serbia, one from an Art school, and one from a VET school in North Macedonia.

The 3-hour Webinar consisted of 2 parts:

1. Introductory part (2 hours, in the Serbian and English languages)

  • Introduction and presentation of the UNISER and INTERVET WB project (presentations by UNISER experts Ana Bartoli and Nikola Vrgović);
  • Overview of the Erasmus + program focusing on accreditations (presentation by UNISER expert Luca Lombardi);
  • Questions and Answers.

2. Accreditation Writing Workshop (1 hour, in the English language)

  • Tools and methodologies that UNISER offers free of charge to organizations and institutions to support the development of accreditations and proposals for KA1 & KA2 projects (presentation by UNISER expert Luca Lombardi);
  • Questions and Answers.

As the outcome of participating in the Webinar, eighteen participants received all three presentations, Erasmus Guide, Go International, UNISER’s Job shadowing catalog, the Certificate of Participation, and the Templates of successful applications for accreditation submitted in previous years. 


Intervet WB


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