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Meet the team! – Dynamism, internationality and nerdy stories, here’s Davide

Let’s continue our journey into getting to know all new Uniser members! Today we’re going to meet Davide, who joined Uniser in November 2021 as a member of the Outgoing team.

Hello Davide! How are you? How are things going today, rather busy or perhaps calm?

Things are always busy! No but seriously, it’s a pretty fast-paced environment but I enjoy the challenge (most days anyway), 

Could you describe your typical working day? 

Well, I’d actually say that one of my favorite things about this job is that there isn’t a real routine for which everyday is the same, a lot depends on what is going on with different projects at any given moment. Most of my time right now is spent talking to schools and planning future projects, but there are always surprises that change the trajectory of your day: trips, visits, emergencies, changing rules, new tasks. You also end up juggling the different assignments in – like – three different languages, so it’s all very dynamic.

What is your role at Uniser?

We love our titles so I guess I am a “project manager for sending organizations”. What I do is to maintain relations with all schools and institutions sending students abroad, plan activities and destinations, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Why did you apply for this position? What caught your attention?

I had just returned to Italy and I was looking for somewhere to put my knowledge and skills into practice and this was a rare opportunity for something exciting, internationally-minded and with a positive social impact; all while still remaining in the area. It was honestly a surprise to discover that a job like this existed so close to home – so I jumped right in at the opportunity.

What did you learn during your studies that helped you in your current role?

I did most of my studies abroad, in the UK for a long time but with stints all over Europe. This gave me a first-hand experience of many different education systems and of all sorts of internationalization programmes. I also studied stuff like EU institutions and economics  and I feel like I am applying a surprising amount of the things I learned to my everyday work. I mean in the academic sense of course, but also in terms of general life experience.

What’s been the most challenging part of your role so far?

Probably learning all the procedures and tools necessary to track all the information, especially when it relates to some complex and obscure bureaucracy. Unsurprisingly boring, but also somewhat difficult to master, it’s the thing that creates the most frustration in my daily work.

…and the most satisfying?

I’d say the teamwork: it’s great to be surrounded by smart, skilled people who put their energies together to solve problems. I think there is an element of trust and mutual respect which makes the work feel a little bit lighter, and I know from experience it is not an obvious thing to find at a workplace.

Now let’s switch to your free time: what are your biggest interests outside of work?

Well I really like stories, especially when they are weird and different and subversive. So I am into all sorts of nerdy fantastical things in books and movies, but I also love theater and art in general when it does something unorthodox and original.

I am also a big foodie: my family has always worked in the food industry so I was basically raised in a restaurant kitchen, and I bring with me that love for cooking and good food wherever I go, as well as an appreciation for the real positive impact food can have on people.

Are you from Bologna or did you move here from somewhere else? 

I am from Modena, so it’s an easy commute, and I knew Bologna well from a time where it seemed like every other person I knew was studying here at university. But I do like moving around so I am really enjoying having the option to work remotely, as it allows me to get a change of scenery when I can, and adapt my work to where I am in life.

And finally, which colleagues did you get to know better and why?

Well in the early days I spent a lot more time in person at the office in Bologna, so the first people I got to know better were those with whom I shared the coffee breaks, especially the “new hires” like me who came in after the pandemic and did the training around the same time. But honestly everyone in the team has been very open and supportive throughout and I feel like I got to know most of my colleagues by now. It’s a pleasure to be in a young and informal work environment where you can speak your mind and form personal connections with the people around you. 

Thank you very much Davide!




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