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The 2nd Intervet Western Balkans Transnational Meeting in Sarajevo

On June 28-29 2021, the 2nd transnational meeting of Intervet Western Balkans project took place at the International University of Sarajevo. Even the unwelcomed heatwave at the end of June did not prevent the participants from holding a very fruitful and constructive meeting. After one year and a half working online, we finally met in physically with all partners from Western Balkans and Europe countries. 

To recall, the Intervet WB is a three-year pilot project for the internationalization of vocational education and training systems in the Western Balkans, started at the end of 2019. The project aims at creating opportunities for learning mobility in the training centers of Western Balkans and improving the culture of learning mobility in the field of VET. 

The hosting partner, IUS Lifelong Learning Center (IUS Life), welcomed the participants and project partners from 8 member states of the EU and 6 Western Balkans countries. Prior to the meeting, the guests were addressed by the Rector of the International University of Sarajevo, Prof.Dr. Ahmet Yildirim, who stressed the importance of vocational education in the growth of national economies and the benefits of internationalizing mobility.  Dr. Yildirim welcomed participants and invited them to the tour of the IUS campus.

In the two-day event, the partners evaluated the activities done in the previous year, partially disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemics, and reported their strengths and weaknesses. The partners shared their experience and gave suggestions on how to overcome obstacles and challenges of future mobilities and how to manage the unforeseen expenses, such as PCR tests and extremely high costs of mobility organization due to the pandemic. The meeting gave the participants a chance to finally meet in person and strengthen the already existing cooperation

During the work in small workshops, the participants pointed out the need to adapt to the post-pandemic conditions as soon as possible and suggested a number of ideas to solve the new organizational problems. The need for better dissemination of the Intervet WB project was also emphasized as well as financial and administrative management and planning of upcoming mobilities.

At the end of this two-day event, the guests were given their certificates of attendance and had a farewell photo session. 


Intervet WB


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