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Uniser interns: i miei primi giorni


Ciao, labas and hello!

Let me introduce myself, the fresh intern of Uniser – Viktorija. It has been one week that I left my snowbound country Lithuania and moved to unknown before city Forlì. The decision to join Uniser crew arrived at the moment of the first contact with them since it is the place that corresponds my professional interests’ fields and core values.

How were my first few days in UNISER?

  • Introduction. After warm welcome of my colleagues I had a full immersion into the process of preparation for the iMove conference organized by Uniser. All office was living the spirit of upcoming big and important event so the beginning of my internship was exciting;

  • Conference. I was pleased to work hand by hand with my new teammates and see iMove mobility conference activities that took place in Bologna, behind the scene. After the hosting and managing task I was kindly invited to listen to speakers that arrived from different parts of Europe to share their good practices of iMove consortium. This experience gave me better orientation in the activities field of Uniser and an ample view of mobility tendencies in general;

  • Italian language. Due today my Italian language can be considered as a combination of French and English words that I transform according before heard Italian phrases. Sometimes it is really works! Nevertheless, I have very respectful and careful attitude to the language since it is a direct reflection of culture, history and mentality of the nation. I cannot wait to start my language courses to better understand ‘Italian life perception’ that I found charming;

  • Activity plan. After such impressive and dynamic first days in Italy right now I am taking a calm breath and focusing on my activity plan. It would contain new interns hosting and managing mobility programs together with my experienced supervisors. I am excited and motivated to proceed since from the very first moments I feel the support and helpful smiles of my Uniser colleagues.

I appreciate the possibility to have international internship because I am persuaded that it is a confident move for everyone towards successful career. This is the reason why I am thankful to my hosting placement and want to encourage others to take an opportunity abroad and comfortably step out of their comfort zone.

Grazie mille!



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