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I sette mesi a Uniser di Ebe: Grazie!!!

Hi everyone. I am Ebe and I was working as a volunteer in Uniser for 7 months. I am coming from Estonia, which is really cute small country just under the Finland and people there are talking one of the rarest languages in Europe. I am 24 years old and I have finished studies as Leisure Time Manager – Creative Teacher. One of my tasks in Uniser was managing the blog here. I must say that it was very interesting to collect and read stories about other people experiences on their EVS of traineeship. Every story is unique on its own way.Ebe, tirocinante Uniser

My work in Uniser circled mostly around the blog, incoming volunteers and Aperitandem. Step by step Aperitandem started to get wider and wider and I believe now there are already three or four organizations instead of one organizing it. Unfortunately I will not see what Aperitandem will become but I am sure it will be even greater than before. If you haven’t been at Aperitandem, I certainly recommend going. It’s very easy and fun way to meet new people from different countries and practice language.Ebe, tirocinante Uniser

In Italy I learned many things. One and the most important is: avoid Italian Post service, if you can J. It’s a joke of course but I must say they are not easy. What was new to me, and a little strange at first, was that people where wearing outdoor shoes everywhere in the house. This is something that you never do in Estonia. If you do it during visiting somebody, it’s really impolite and not respectful. Second thing that I learned was making different choices. While others went to have party, I put this money aside for the upcoming wedding. It was really a challenge to learn how to save every penny in time where everybody went out and “enjoyed the life”. But I also learned patience and at the end of my service I got the most important lesson – nothing is as important as health.

Ebe all' Aperitandem!

I already miss the wonderful markets on Friday and Monday mornings where you can buy absolutely everything. My dear bike, which unfortunately didn’t manage to finish the rides with me but is now in good hands and enjoying new life. All the good people and I am happy that with some of them I can meet in Germany. And coffee and gelato of course =)

I am very grateful to Uniser for this opportunity and all the lessons that it brought. I am inch stronger and wiser. Now I am starting my life in Germany so see you in Germany!!


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