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Imparare da tutto quello che avete vissuto!

Alessandra is a volunteer in Spain and she works with children.

As we grow up, we are being taught very strictly about right and wrong. But the truth, what is being firmly kept form us, is that there are many different ways of life.


First of all I would like to make it clear that travelling and living in another country are far not the same things. You travel, you see things, you hear things and you eat new food but you are not truly in it. Travelling is like going to see a picture, but living is being in this picture.

Living in the picture
If we travel we may see these different ways of life but if you live in this country, you also have to act according to the new rights and wrongs. This is called culture, which is big part of human identity, and living in another country changes your identity. It is an experience that can change the course of your life. It helps to be more independent, away from family; to create social relationships and knowing how to interact with those who come from a culture different from your own, which is not always easy because you have to open your mind and overcome some limitations that are part of our social education. You start to look at everything from different point of view and from multiple perspectives. It is an experience that becomes part of your cultural and professional background. It is opportunity to learn a different language and to get to know if the work, which one has chosen, is the true passion or not. Neither way it’s still an opportunity to get to know oneself better, and to learn from everything that you have lived! “

Like Inas, Alessandra saw EVS as an opportunity to improve her career. Children, whom she is working with, are from tough neighbourhood. “I am trying to help them to grow by giving them lessons that can serve for the future. This gives me a lot of responsibility and the same time it gives me the opportunity to learn about world far from my own. From this I learn also about my personal life. It opens my mind, makes me free from the prejudices. With constant curiosity and desire to learn I enrich every day.”

So even if it sometimes seems for the ones, who are left behind at home, that all you do is just having fun, they have no idea that you are going through one of the biggest personal changes of your life…



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