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Welcome to Uniser Anna!


Finally it happened! It’s been almost a year since I wrote my first application asking for possibility to take part in an EVS-program. Months of exchanging emails, months of skyping, months of WAITING. Meanwhile lots of doubts and sometimes the feeling of resignation. Everything changed in a moment I found an ideal project, or it found me – hard to say. 😉 THE project was of UNISER: designated for the whole year; voluntary service in the office that takes care of promoting European mobility, international exchanges, learning opportunities and active citizenship. Thanks God it was me: a 26-year-old Polish girl, just after studies, with a great passion for languages and intercultural communication, that was chosen for the project! Then things went faster: the project : submitted…. approved. Ticket, bag, plane….and….

I’m here!

Just arrived to Forli. On Saturday. My “Sunny Italy” welcomed me with heavy rain, wind and snow! Not such a greeting I expected, I admit. Fortunately, other things were as they should be. Or better. Step by step I’m getting to know the people (who even seem to understand my Italian!) and my new tasks. Lots of things to get used to, lots to be taught, lots to be done. But also curiosity, a lot of plans, dreams and hopes .

Dear Forli, Dear Uniser, what you will give me, what I will give you…?

12 months. Absolutely new. Absolutely different. Well, let’s make it also absolutely fantastic!





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