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Adam, european volunteer at Koiné

My name is Adam Kruk and I have been in Forlì for more than a month now and I will stay ten more – a whole academic year. I came from Poland to do my European Voluntary Service (EVS) in the Associazione Universitaria Koiné ONLUS and support the actions of my host organization aimed at both international and Italian students at the University of Bologna.

Adam nel ufficio di Koiné – Adam in Koiné’s office

What do we do in Koiné? First of all we try to help international students arriving at the University of Bologna campus in Forlì, in finding an apartment and feeling comfortable in the city. We want to create a feeling of community and support, spending time in interesting and valuable ways. We organise different courses (Italian language courses, French language courses, Photoshop courses, etc.), as well as parties (Erasmus Aperitif, Erasmus Day). We run a student radio, organise trips, workshops, and meeting with local inhabitants and authorities.

We want to promote culture, so every Monday we invite students to Koiné Film Club, where we show movies (on one chosen topic every month) and discuss it later after the screening – like for example the issue of ‘intruder’ this October. We try to promote tolerance, equality, encourage students to choose active and responsible way of living. We try to promote safe sex as well.

I hope my EVS period will be important and forming experience – such for myself as, willingly, for the community.



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